Gameplay video with CoralPad:

CoralPad PC Companion APP Download

The PC Companion App is available for Windows PC running windows 8.1 and above, with .Net Framework 4.6.1 installed.
MD5 Hash: a58b9fe8315f184acb77ba6ea43311eb File Size: 17.2 MB

 A Different kind of XBox 360 Controller Emulator, CoralPad Unique Features:

CoralPad has several unique features that other mobile Xbox Gamepad emulator does not have, allowing you to still be competitive at your game with just flat touch screen.

Fully customizable layout

The virtual gamepad layout are fully customizeable by the user. Size, color, mapping, and location are all up to the user to decide.

Mapping into Motion

Analog Control can be mapped into the device motion sensor’s according to users preferences. Allowing the devices to act like steering wheel for racing game / flight control for flight simulator game

recognized as Xbox 360 Controller

CoralPad is recognized as Xbox 360 Controller by your PC. Enabling very wide compatiblity wih many games.

Sticky control

Button and slider can be set to not return automatically, allowing user to control other aspect of the game with more focus.

CoralPad – XBox Joystick Emulator uses case

Racing Wheel

No need to spends hunderd of dollar for a racing wheel. CoralPad can be used as Steering / Racing Wheel for various PC Games

Flight Joystick

Be better at Flight Simulator game with CoralPad. With both horizontal and vertical accelerometer mapping, CoralPad can be used as Flight Joystick. No need to buy dedicated Flight Joystick

Other Games

Not into Simulation Gaming? No worries, CoralPad can be used as regular gamepad also! And because it is recognized as XBox 360 Controller, it is supported by many games!
Companion to keyboard and mouse
You don’t need to forget your keyboard and mouse to use CoralPad. Props your device next to your Keyboard and Mouse and gain extra advantages with CoralPad!

3 Types of XBox 360 Controller Control Representation

There are 3 kinds of control in a Xbox 360 Joystick: Button, Analog, and Trigger. CoralPad can represent the 3 kinds of control as Button, Slider, Trigger, and Thumbpad in the virtual gamepad.
Button is.. Button. CoralPad also support customizing a button as “Sticky Button”, button that acts more like a switch. Useful for some application for example: H-Shifter in Euro Truck Simulator 2.
slider and Trigger
Analog control can be represented as slider. Slider always start in the middle and can be set to return automatically or manually (You cannot do this in real XBox 360  Controller!). It can also be mapped into your device motion sensor!
thumbpad control for analog on xbox 360 controller
Thumbpad acts just like regular joystick analog control. Useful for games like RPG / FPS where you need to control in both direction simultaneously.

Remember that all the control layout, size, color, amount, mapping, etc. are up to you to customize!

Controller Layout Gallery

Here are examples of game controller layout for some genre of games with CoralPad – XBox 360 Controller Emulator:
xbox 360 controller with xbox standard layout

Standard XBox 360 Controller Layout

xbox 360 controller with fps game layout on iphone

First Person Shooter Game

xbox 360 controller with flight joystick layout on iphone

Flight Joystick for Flight Simulator Game

Xbox 360 Controller with racing wheel layout on iphone

Racing Wheel for Racing / Driving Game

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the companion app safe?

Yes it is. Although you might need to disable Windows Smart Screen, it is due to the signing process required by Microsoft. This process require a certificate to be bought for some amount of money. The file itself does not contains any malicious file. You can check it with your antivirus software. 

Can i use this with windows 7?

Well actually yes. However there are more steps that you need to follow for the Vigem driver to works, please follow the link below and install all the extra file required.

Can i use this with Mac OSX / Linux?

Unfortunately no. Not until the vigem driver is compatible with OSX and Linux

What is Vigem driver?

Vigem driver is a windows driver for emulating well-known USB game controllers, like XBox 360 Controller and PS4 Controller. CoralPad is based on Vigem driver. The driver itself is open source and can be seen in the link below:

It Doesn’t Work!

There are several factor that may lead to the system not working: 1. Make sure you are on the same network as the device. The IP Address provided automatically by the companion app may not be always correct, sometimes you need to change the address manually. To find your local IP Address (not your internet IP Address), go to Control Panel -> Network and Internet -> Network and Sharing Center -> Click on the connection you are currently using (and the iOS device also use) -> Click on Details. Copy the iPv4 address to the companion app. Note that iPv6 are not supported for this application. 2. If you are using virtualization software to run Windows on a Mac (like Parallels / VMWare), you may need to setup port forwarding on the virtualization software. Please refer to the guide on the Software Manufacturer’s website on how to set it. 3. The port might be used by other processes, try changing the port on the Companion App. 4. Firewall / Antivirus might be blocking the Companion App from communicating with the client devices, Create an exception for it. 5. VPN might interefere with the connection. Make sure the IP Address are pointed towards your local IP Address not the VPN’s local IP Address. 6. The Vigem Driver might not be installed correctly, please reinstall the companion App.

It Lags!

The iOS Application will send the data of the input once every 1/100th second (100 Hz). A good quality Wi-Fi connection on 5Ghz band between the devices is strongly recommended for this application. Although this app has been tested and built with 2.4 Ghz Wi-Fi on a cheap router located several meters away from the devices and the PC and still provides satisfying experience.